Saturday, December 06, 2008

Decision 2008

Sore Losers Just Can’t Let The Election Go
By Megan Biscieglia

This election season brought out the crazy in people. Since we are now in an age where everyone is able to be connected with one another via internet, strange, obscure and weird emails were all over the interweb, filling up inboxes and making people angry.

“It was really weird. My grandmother kept sending me crazy anti-Obama emails,” says Dustin Khebzou, 21. “They were all about how he is a secret Muslim and is in cahoots with the Taliban. They were amusing, but it’s pretty scary to think that some people actually believed that stuff.”

That’s the beauty of the internet. Everyone, including the crazies who spend their time making up lies about people they disagree with, are free to express their opinion and share it with the rest of us, whether we want like to hear it or not.

“I received an e-mail about Obama being the antichrist,” says Jackie Lambert, 24. “It kind of got to a point where it stopped being funny and started getting scary. To think that some people in our country are so small-minded that they had to make up these ridiculous stories is beyond me.”

Who are the people that write these emails? Where do they come from? Do they really believe the things they say? Do they really believe Obama is such a bad man? What are they worried about, Obama showing up and personally ripping off the “support your troops” ribbon from the back of their beat up Ford conversion van? It’s not going to happen.

Obama wasn’t alone in feeling the wrath of hatred. There were plenty of others on the liberal end making up the same strange stories.

“I received an email about John McCain not knowing how many houses he has,” says Craig Darcer, 19. “It was trying to prove how irresponsible he is financially. People were really caring about that kind of thing considering the state of our economy. The president is expected to come in and fix all of that. This email consisted of no truth whatsoever though. I don’t think it was meant to be believed,” he says.

One might think that once Obama won the election, the letters from both ends would stop, but they haven’t. Hate-charged Emails continue to fill up inboxes all over the country.

“I’m so sick of hearing about Sarah Palin,” says Lambert. “I was sick of her the minute after I found out who she was and what she stood for. Yet, for some reason I keep getting jokes about her in my inbox and it really makes me angry. Even the mention of her name is annoying to me, yet there’s nothing I can do to get away from her. She is still all over the media and on my favorite blogs.”

Lambert says she wants it to stop. “I want people to send their hate mail elsewhere. I’m so sick of the election. It ended weeks ago, yet some people just can’t accept defeat. Just last week I received one (e-mail) about Obama being a secret Muslim, which is an old rumor. This fallacy is news to no one, we’ve all heard it before and it’s just really ridiculous and irritating. And I wish it would stop. Can’t I just gloat in peace?”