Monday, March 24, 2008

Decision 2008

The Time For Change Is Now
By Roya Yazhari

Never in my 20 years have I taken an interest in politics. The government system in the United States always seemed unusual and corrupt and deterred me from wanting to participate.

This all changed when the candidates for the 2008 election were announced. Not only is there a woman running for President, but an African American man. In all of history, Americans have put white, Christian men in office to run our country. It is now possible for change.

I have no doubt that the Democrats will pull through and win the election this year. Too many people are fed up with what is happening in our country and want a change. The Republican candidates want to continue the war in Iraq, while the Democratic candidates feel as though it is time to put an end to it.

Hillary Clinton voted in 2002 to authorize the Iraqi invasion, however she is now opposed to is and said as President, she will withdraw the troops from Iraq. Her competitor, Barack Obama, was opposed to invasion from the beginning. As President, he has promised to withdraw one or two brigades a month to finish the pull out within 16 months.

Although both candidates have the same intention, I feel Obama’s plan is a lot more appropriate for the current situation in Iraq. If we took troops out too soon and left Iraq without a government, there would be chaos. Therefore, phasing our troops out of Iraq seems like the only reasonable way to do it.

All candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, support a path to legalization for illegal immigrants. This includes learning English as well as paying fines. When it comes to health care however, many of the candidates have differing opinions. The Republican candidates are in favor of a free market, while the Democrats think quite differently.

If elected President, Clinton would require everyone to get health insurance subsidized by the government and employers. Obama however, would require that all children have health insurance first, paid for by President Bush’s tax cuts.

Clinton seems more inclusive of all people receiving health care, however Obama’s ultimate aim is for universal coverage as well. He is just choosing to put children first, which I agree with fully. Children are the future, and we must keep them healthy and strong for they will be our country’s future leaders.

It is time for a change. For too long has America taken pride in being the land of opportunity and freedom, when in actuality the current unemployment rates are skyrocketing. We need a President who will demand change. We need a President who will stand up for what is right and help America become a better country. A country that is respected by other countries and held to a certain standard of justice and integrity.

I believe Barack Obama is this man. He has fresh ideas and is ready to fight for this country. He is unique and on fire with a desire for change.

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