Thursday, November 27, 2008

Decision 2008

Is It Time For A Change?
By Sammi Richardson

I’ve never been interested in politics. I have always heard casual political chatter around me but never chose to participate for fear of saying the wrong thing. I’d hear bits and pieces of the debates and listen to the news, but chose to stay out of the hype.

But Barack Obama has been projected as the new President of the United States. I believe this will affect me in a positive way. Obama intends to lower health care costs and make health insurance affordable and accessible for all. This will affect me, as my family has had to pay for our own health insurance for the past year and a half. It will also help others afford insurance, lower medical costs, and get the treatment and medicines they need.

I felt that this election was very important. It is the first election in the history of the United States where an African-American man has gotten a major party’s nomination for President. People have mixed feelings about this Democratic idea. Some are for it, and some truly are opposed to it. I believe it is based on racial discrimination and not the ability of the candidate.

For me, I believe it should be about whether Obama is the man that can turn our failing economy around and not the color of his skin. I find it odd that he is referred to as African-American when his mother was Caucasian and she and her parents raised him. I also believe his victory will truly show that America is the land of opportunity.

I believe that Barack Obama will lead our country on the right path. He has plans to strengthen the economy, improve fair trade, invest in the manufacturing sector, and help America succeed in a positive way. He wants to bring our troops back home and end a war I believe cost billions of dollars and countless lives. I feel that if Obama is elected President, it will change the world for the better and improve the quality of life for many people.

Some people were concerned for our country’s future if John McCain had won the election. I spoke with many people who do not agree with his Republican views. They believe it is a woman’s choice whether to end an unwanted pregnancy. He proposed to have employees taxed on health insurance their employers provide. I do not want to be taxed on the benefits I receive.

People also feared for the country if John McCain dies while in office and Sarah Palin becomes President. John McCain is 72 years old. Some think that Palin is unqualified and would severely affect the nation with her ideas. She is inexperienced and was governor of one of the smallest states in the country. In addition, she is the mother of five children. I believe it is too hard to balance raising young children one of whom has special needs and perform the hardest job in the country.

In less than two years I will graduate college and start a real career. I will seek employment and believe more job opportunities will exist. Obama has given me hope and inspiration to go for your dreams and never give up.

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